Medical Cannabis is a new industry with many liabilities and unknowns. An official certifying organization can effectively address, clarify and reduce these concerns. The continually changing state and local regulations can add stress, frustration and lack of compliance. A third party certification partner, whose top priority is compliance, will provide continual support and answers.

Builds trust among physicians and patients through education and accountability.

Demonstrates your commitment to providing the safest services and product to protect patients and the community.

Bring legitimacy to the entire process. The community will know rules are in place and followed. Physicians and patients will know the certified dispensary will support the medical purpose of Medical Cannabis with integrity and safety. Dispensary owners will have confidence that their investment and business are protected and understood as legitimate.

Medical Cannabis is Schedule I substance on its way to being a reclassified as a Schedule II. Scheduled drugs require rigorous reporting, record keeping and accountability. Third party certification by a team experienced in DEA reporting means that dispensaries will be compliant… before DEA compliance is required.