Our goal is to help every dispensary owner be compliant so you can focus on running the day to day operations.

  • How do I get started in working with Extra Step Assurance?
    • We work to make the certification process as easy as possible. Yes, it will require time but we guide every step.

       Contact Us to discuss how ESA can help with your current or future dispensary needs. Remember, we want you to be certified and compliant. We will be available for answers and guidance throughout the entire process.

  • Won’t SOPs and Procedures add extra work in our day to day operations?
    • Initially, it might seem that there is extra work because of staff training. But quickly you will find that when procedures are written, trained on and understood by your employees that your dispensary will run more efficiently. Adding new employees will not be a struggle because you will train them in the same manner you trained your current team.

  • What if I don’t have experience in writing an SOP or a Procedure?
    • Many business people have never written or trained on SOPs. Our team at ESA has a combined 50+ years of experience in writing, training and monitoring SOPs and Procedures. We can help you at many levels. If you want us to give you some guidance on how to get started and you go from there, that is possible. If you prefer ESA team members to work with you as a team effort we can do so. Remember, ESA’s goal is for you to be certified and successful!

  • Will you write the SOPs and Procedures for me if I don’t go through the certification process with Extra Step Assurance?
    • No, our team members will work with our clients when there is a contract for certification.

  • What if I need help in training as I get new employees?
    • We can help. Our goal is to support you where you need support. Ultimately, we want you to be as independent as you want to be. It is important to understand that we won’t be there to monitor the compliance of your team. We can help you train and ensure that all employees understand the regulations. You and your management team are ultimately responsible for compliance. Compliance is a daily requirement for your team if you are to maintain certification.

  • Do I personally have to train every employee?
    • One suggestion we give our clients is to have a specific person in your organization trained to train the new people. We can help your trainer set up a system to manage the training process.

  • What if I follow all the right procedures, train, insist on compliance and one of my employees makes an error? Will I lose my certification and potentially my license for the dispensary?
    • Let’s talk certification first. We WANT you to be certified. We are going to work with you to make sure you have all the tools to be compliant.

      A personal story: When we were first licensed by the DEA to handle controlled drugs we shared that we were scared we might make an error and lose our licensing, which would mean we would lose our clients. The DEA agent stated: You have humans working here. You might make an error. If you tell us and work to change the processes, we won’t take your licensing. If you hide it and you are not truthful and the errors continue, we will close you down.

      Moral of the story: Demand compliance and rule following at your dispensary. If there is an error, it will be dealt with per your business rules. If you let us know we can even help in finding a suggestion on how to avoid the error in the future.

      State Licensing: We cannot answer for the State’s requirements. We can only help you be as compliant as possible. The states have a right to give or remove licensing from a dispensary and it is critical that you follow the rules to the letter. Respect the laws and the purpose of the laws.

  • If I am audited by the state will you come to support our compliance program?
    • Our role is to ensure that you have SOPs and Procedures in place. We ensure that you have trained on the SOPs and Procedures and that you allow only trained people who understand the rules to work in your dispensary.

      We can support you in documentation stating that requirements for certification were met. However, we are not legal counsel.

  • If I purchase an additional dispensary will my current Certification from ESA be shared with the new dispensary at the new address?
    • No. You won’t have to pay the same fee to get the new dispensary certified. However, your new location will have a new staff, new management and a new building that must be reviewed and audited to allow certification for the new dispensary.

  • If I close my dispensary at one address and move it, with all my current staff, to a new location do I have to be recertified?
    • Yes. It won’t be an entirely new certification but all physical building requirements will have to be recertified to retain your ESA Certification.

  • If I sell my dispensary business to a new owner can the ESA Certification be transferred to them at the closing?
    • No. While the entire certification process won’t be required, it is important for the new owners to understand their responsibilities. Compliance starts at the top of any organization. New ownership will require a recertification. In our agreement it states: If new majority owners are brought into the business a recertification is required.